lisa mills, cpsa   -   color me here studio   -    award winning fine art

About the Artist

Lisa has been connected to art and creativity from an early age. Due to the unexpected advent of computer-aided design in the 1980's, Lisa's desire to use her degree in illustration and work as an interior design illustrator was quickly shelved. She worked in human resources and advertising/public relations in the heavy equipment auctioneering industry for over ten years before "retiring" to raise a family. 


Several years later, Lisa's desire to create beckoned again. After experimenting with oil painting, she returned to her favorite tools from her illustration days: graphite and colored pencils. 

Much of Lisa's work is in true, realistic form but often exploits the abstract that exists within realism - particularly in her still life works. Lisa is also passionate about animals, nature and wildlife conservation. She is fortunate to live in a part of the United States where there are a plethora of wildlife subjects from which to draw inspiration. As her work evolves, she continues to be inspired by the natural world and the light and color that can be found within and how that can develop into the abstract.

Her abstract work is the latest exploration and departs from colored pencil into the realm of mixed media, using multiple layers to develop her works. She works in watercolor, Pan Pastel, oil pastel, water-soluble wax pastel, mica, acrylic and metallic leaf. 

Lisa is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. She is also a member of the United Kingdom Colored Pencil Society. Her work has been exhibited at the Carnegie Art Gallery, the Eisemann Gallery, the city of Brea Art Gallery and the Ormond Memorial Museum and Gallery.